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Dean T. Barker is Vice President of User Experience for Optum, a UnitedHealth Group business and leading supplier of healthcare software. He has over two decades of experience in software design and consulting. He is an editor and author of ISO standards for software quality and usability and has co-authored a book on speech user interfaces. He has also written for many industry magazines, including Enterprise Development Magazine, Visions Magazine, and Quirks Marketing Research Review.

Mr. Barker holds a B.A. in Business Management and Communications and a M.S. in Software Engineering from the University of Minnesota. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, he currently teaches undergraduate courses in Human-Computer Interaction at Arizona State University and is an invited lecturer at Johns Hopkins University.


The Human Tech Podcast: I was interviewed by industry leader Susan Weinschenk, an old friend and longtime colleague. We discuss UX, agile, books, and babysitting.

The Agile UX Equation: A webinar I teach on Agile software development and User Experience design, hosted by UserZoom.

Project UX: Episode 10 of a web video series where I was a guest panelist.

Research Collective Interview: Russell Branaghan of Research Collective interviewed me for a wide-ranging talk on the User Experience field.

Never Call Yourself a UI Designer: UI is UX: Author and design blog editor Daniel Schwarz mentions a set of design heuristics that I created with Dr. Susan Weinschenk.

How to Integrate UX and Agile: SlideShare of public lecture I delivered in 2014, hosted by UserZoom.

9 Fundamental UX Principles That Will Boost Your Conversions: Web Analytics Strategist Tim Mehta refers to me as a "pioneer of User Experience."

Excelling in the User Experience Economy of Today and Tomorrow: Webinar hosted by UserZoom where I discuss emerging trends in technology and the UX/Usability field, as well as the implications for User Experience professionals (free registration required to view).

The Secrets of Master UX Consultants: Panel discussion from the 2015 IA Conference where I chat with Lou Rosenfeld, Samantha Bailey Fast, and Lyle Kantrovich about UX consulting.

What's the Difference Between a Heuristic Evaluation and a Cognitive Walkthrough?: Blog by Jeff Sauro at MeasuringU where he features the design heuristics Susan Weinschenk and I created.

Heuristic Evaluation: The Wikipedia page for Heuristic Evaluation for usability inspection includes the Weinschenk/Barker heuristics.

What Can Medical Device Human Factors Learn from Other Industries?: Co-author of 2017 article published in the Conference Proceedings from the International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare (purchase required).

User Experience: 6 Expert Success Tips: Blog post where I was interviewed by consultant Eric Olive.

Integrating UX Into an Agile Environment: UserZoom blog post from my webinar on the same topic.

Agile UX: The Art of Efficient Development: UserZoom blog post including my "tips and tricks."

The Essential Guide to
Integrating User Experience
and Usability Testing in Agile: Co-Author of E-Book (free PDF).

Is Your Rome Burning? Getting Engineers and Designers Delighted to Build Together: I'm quoted in Mona Patel's blog for Huffington Post.