The legend of Coffeeku...

A few years back I was in a creative funk. I was between musical projects, wasn't writing, and was working too much. A long time ago in a similar period, I had a men's art group that met regularly and we provided therapy and inspiration for one another. One of the things we did was encourage one another to write "The Morning Pages" based on a creativity exercise from the book The Artist's Way. This time around, I didn't have enough time to do that exercise on a daily basis. So, I decided to begin each day with a five-minute exercise in creativity. The first day as I was having my morning coffee I wrote a silly haiku about coffee. The next day, I did the same thing. And the next and the next for about a year. I posted my little poems on Facebook to share with friends and often they had to do with the news of the day, so I included links to current events articles.

But eventually, I had worked out of my funk and moved on to major creative projects. When I stopped posting Coffeeku I got all kinds of messages asking for the collection and for new poems. Apparently I had a closet following of people that read Coffeku with their morning coffee. So, while I eventually hope to curate and republish the entire collection, meanwhile here's a random sampling. Grab a cup and enjoy a little whimsy!

Hustle and bustle
Coffee and meditation
In Gotham diner


A cup before me
I know what's good and what's bad
Hither, my beauty


a new invention
the alarm clock makes coffee
my Rube Goldberg dreams


McD's or Wush Wush
Boushy times like these were made
For a taster's choice


In Hopper’s Village
Three nighthawks in the diner
With coffee for all


Christie’s Black Coffee
Sir Claud sits dead in his chair
The butler did it


Maslow's pyramid
Food and air don't compare to
Coffeeshop wif


Jules and Vincent sip
Its gourmet, not Taster's Choice
In Jimmie's kitchen


When a cup won't work
I have a new prescription
Coffee I.V. STAT


A bad part of town
When someone took my coffee
It was a mugging


Down at the garage
The mechanics drink coffee
It's their break fluid


Exercise my right
A daily re-election
Vote Mister Coffee


Today's the big day
Hard times and hard choices, too
I vote for coffee


The grand arrival
A caffeine delivery
Cuppa Joe, Baby.


It's still warm today
It was cold, but brewed next year
Tardis coffee pot


It's a scary time
Which one shall I choose today?
Halloween coffee


Bucky loves Mickey
My enemy's enemy
Friendly coffee war


Here's Bobby Dupea
If you would, hold the chicken
Just not the coffee


It's Harvard's business
A case study in commerce
Mexican coffee


Adenosine bind
And adrenaline to go
Coffee is so dope


Retracing your steps
Step away from coffee stand
Ebola alley


Mildly amused
Cats, comics, and politics
Coffee with Facebook


A sunny morning
Swiss Miss at Cafe Adler
Coffee with Hitler


Friends and family
Grab a cup and hear some tunes
Coffee table shows


My many vices
Are aiding and abetting
The joys of coffee


More than meets the eye
In a comfortable spot
Local coffee shop


Third grader birthday
Twelve nine year olds run amok
Irish coffee time


Get java for life
Can't win if you don't enter
Coffee casino


Strange news of the day
Why is mouse in coffee cup?
He's thirsty, of course


The saddest morning
My soul is torn asunder
No time for coffee


Coffee flavoring
Found in chips and ice cream, tho
It's meant for coffee


My preferred schedule
Biological clock says
Coffee anytime


By the grace of God
Sunrise, children, and coffee
Good morning to all


I go and you go
So no matter where it is
There is espresso


Another outbreak
Truly a public menace
The coffee fever


Like sugar free cake
Or like sex with your clothes on
It's decaf coffee


I can be patient
As long as I get coffee
The minute I'm there


Don't know history
Don't know much biology
Know I love coffee


Early work volley
Increases coffee cravings
Serving second pot


Forget skinning cats
There are thirty eight ways to
Make perfect coffee


Barista invents
A cafe favorite in
His new coffee pot


Learn about coffee
Cocktail of bacteria
May not be for you


Morning sporting news
A breakfast worth seconds with
Victory coffee


Q and M approve
It has to be fast and hot
How Bond makes coffee


A bucket list note
For the years and miles ahead
Coffee with my friends


Fresh and hot with room
Unites the red, white, and blue
Dandy news, Yankees


Foodie DIY
Make cold brew and Kahlua
It's a two for one


For making coffee
And loving you, I'm guilty
For the rest of life


Barista artists
Wake up and smell the coffee
It's java's Third Wave


A long night of wine
Needs yang to follow the yin
Some morning coffee


Daily first response
And soldiering on with more
Salute to coffee


Breakfast listening
Sheets of sound are giant steps
Coltrane and coffee


A cup of coffee
Excuse for contemplation
I need more of both


Those three little words
To hear that wonderful phrase
The coffee’s ready


My love brings coffee
And makes me breakfast in bed
Too good to be true


Scunnered with pundits
So I'm voting yes today
For Scottish coffee


In halls of power
A political secret
Obama's coffee


Both beer and coffee
Enjoyed at many locals
But home brew is best


Find the darkest roast
Add the sugar while brewing
Cuban espresso


On nine eleven
We weep, pray, and remember
Contemplative Joe